CCELD 2015 Theme

Leading Through Innovation and Transformation

Discussion Imperatives

Cultural Intelligence: Moving beyond diversity, understanding and inclusion

Leadership abilities to be effective across various cultural contexts — including national, ethnic, organisational, generational, ideological, etc.

Globalise and Localise

A clear understanding of both international and local economies and cultures is essential to leadership in an increasingly interconnected and fast-changing world. How do leaders balance broad global thinking and local autonomy? How can local interests protect against the negative effects of globalisation and cultural homogenisation?

Ethics and Good Governance

In an era of self-regulation and transparency, ethics and good governance are more vital than ever. Values drive successful people, organizations and communities. What are the values and beliefs that influence how you lead, your behaviour and your attitude? Do you hold yourself accountable to live your values every day? Does your organisation?

Integrating Technology: Thriving in a Connected World

With the unstoppable pace of technological change, what do leaders and organisations need to become active and resilient contributors to our knowledge-based society? How can organisations avoid common pitfalls associated with integrating technology?

Collaborative Leadership

Regardless of how savvy a leader may be, he or she cannot transform an organisation or a team without the intelligence, resourcefulness and commitment of others through a shared vision and purpose. Collaborative leadership energises teams and unleashes creativity.

Embracing Failure

Moving away from a mindset of avoiding failure to one of acceptance and accountability brings breakthrough results. This topic includes the dual aspects of embracing failure: innovation comes from a willingness to take risks and accept the resulting failures; credibility and accountability require taking ownership of and responsibility for mistakes.

Objectives of CCELD 2015

• Strengthened leadership capacity enabling more sustainable companies, institutions and communities in Canada and the Caribbean
• Shared insights into governance, innovation, trade and economic development, health, education and social inclusion
• Through an expanded and enduring peer network, the bonds between Canada and the Caribbean are strengthened with economic, social and political benefit to both
• Participants develop peer-to-peer critical leadership competencies, including abilities to collaborate, integrate and think critically
• The Dialogue guarantees a profound personal experience expanding the participants’ knowledge of fundamental global and local issues and give insight into the thinking of top leaders throughout both regions